Friday 4th September 2015 – Squirrels with dementia

Now I don’t know whether they’re just forgetful or whether we have senile squirrels, but they seem to have forgotten where they’ve buried their nuts. It wouldn’t be so bad, but they have taken to digging up the lawn looking for them. It may be that they are burying them, in which case we’re going to have the most amazing forest of oak trees growing in our back garden by next spring, but either way it isn’t good as they’re undermining some of the newly laid paving slabs in the process. They’re a cheeky bunch. Even though our Mistress has left some fallen apples for them, while Granny was here last weekend she watched one go up to the tree and remove one of the perfectly good apples that was still growing. It’s a good job our Mistress likes wildlife. Mind you, having said that she thinks Mickey and Minnie mark 2 have moved into the loft and she’s taking action to have them evicted and it may not be pretty! Oh they will like the chocolate spread she’s providing them, but they won’t like what happens next!

Aristotle has at long last started his trial of the Tracca application. He now has a Tracca device on his collar which means we know where he is and can follow him from our Mistress’s mobile phone. She has topped the credit up on his phone number but explained to him he can’t use it to call anyone, which is probably a good job as he’d only start calling his friends in other countries and run up a huge bill. He says the thing on his collar is a bit big but he’ll get used to it in a day or two. He thinks the waterproof cover is a good idea particularly with how the weather is now.

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