Saturday 5th September 2015 – Discover Dogs

P1010851How exciting is this? We received an email asking if we’d like to run a competition to give away some tickets to Discover Dogs in October and in amongst the marketing materials they send us to us is this picture of Bella (Alfie’s girlfriend) with her brother Eiger. They’re famous – how cool is that? I’ve been teasing Alfie that his girlfriend is a pin-up but he’s not taking it very well. He’s already upset because she will be going to Germany sometime in the next couple of weeks to meet a stud dog. She says it won’t mean anything and it’s not like the kind of relationship where you’ll let a boy lick your food bowl out, but that doesn’t seem to have consoled him that much. He’s been such a faithful dog and has never loved any other dog than Bella, so it’s hitting him hard.

Now back to Discover Dogs. We’ll be there. Well when I say ‘we’, some of our breed will be and our Master did ask if I’d like to go with him, but I think we’re still trying to work out the arrangements. There will certainly be some of my friends on the Entlebucher Mountain Dog stand. It is at the ExCel Arena in London for the first time this year, so hopefully it will be a good venue. It’s on 17th and 18th October and you can meet over 200 different breeds of dog all in one place. I just know you’re going to think we’re the nicest though. Alfie says he’s going to do the competition to give away two pairs of free tickets next week, so you’ll just have to keep reading if you want to win those. You can buy tickets if you’re too impatient to wait for the competition. If you buy your tickets and use this discount code you can get 10% off the price – just put in DDCOMP to get the discount.  Just go to this site to buy them.

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