Sunday 6th September 2015 – A cool place to live

I can’t actually take part but I can’t help but be impressed with our village. Each year there is a 10k race organised by some lovely people in our village and this year, even before the registrations on the day there were 340 people entered to run. Now when you think there are only 250 people living in our village that’s not a bad figure. It takes about a quarter of the whole village to help on the day and although we dogs aren’t included the humans seem to think it is amazing and one of the highlights of the village year. Shadow says if she weren’t pregnant she’d have liked to have taken part, but our Mistress is not runner so it might have been at a fast walking pace.

Shadow is doing fine. She had a lovely long walk yesterday. It’s the furthest  she’s felt like going for a while so I think she must be feeling a bit better than she did. She is also starting to ask to eat a little more so has started to have a light supper as well as breakfast and dinner. I think our Mistress is going to move her onto a light lunch instead of supper so she doesn’t feel too full at bed time. She is looking very well and was delighted to be fussed by our visitors yesterday.  She has been discussing the next stage of preparations with our Mistress and been reassured that everything will be sorted next weekend. There is the small matter of rehoming the freezer amongst other things. I suppose it would have been a good time for the freezer to be empty, but our Mistress wasn’t that organised. I’m not impressed that I’m going to have to sleep in a different room than usual. I started the negotiation by putting in a bid to sleep upstairs with our Master and Mistress but that request was thrown out. I’m going to see if I can have my own room, but I’m not sure that will be accepted either.

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