Monday 7th September 2015 – Eating for England

Having gone from not feeling much like eating, Shadow has now progressed to wanting to eat anything she can lay her paws on. Our Mistress says it’s a bit earlier than she would usually start to increase her food, but she seems to need it so she is getting what she wants. Hopefully it will be going in to making her puppies big and strong… though not too big obviously!

IMG_1810 reducedAri said after his post yesterday you might like to see these pictures of the start of the race in the village. It was quite a day by all accounts. The sun shone and everyone seemed to have a great time. I was just glad to see the sunshine back and have a day where the back door could be open for us to go into the garden whenever we chose. It’s not that I really choose to go out much more often, but I do like the thought that I can.

Our Master has started rehearsals for this year’s village pantomime. He’s playing the baddy again. They seem to think he fits the part. Mind you, I have to say I can see him in that part more easily than I can see him as the dame! Our Mistress won’t be in it this year. She’ll be too busy helping Shadow with the puppies and then going to Switzerland to collect Wilma. At least she should be able to go and see our Master perform before she has to go. Ari was hoping they might include a part for a dog and that he could audition, but sadly last year’s Peter Pan was a one off and there don’t seem to be parts for dogs in Sleeping Beauty. I said he should get them to do Dick Whittington again and see if they’d let him audition to be the cat!

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