Tuesday 8th September 2015 – Upsides of autumn

It’s always good to look for the positives. It might be cold and cloudy, but on the bright side that means we get to spend more time with our Mistress as we can go out and about in the car with her again. She absolutely will not take us in warmer weather because of the problem of leaving us somewhere safe. We’ve got a really good device that attaches to the boot to prop it open but locked so we can get enough air, but even with that she is very reluctant to leave us in the car for very long. Anyway, except for the odd warm day we can now tell her when we want to accompany her for outings. She’s going to the dentist this afternoon so I’ve said I’d rather not go, if she doesn’t mind. I’ll be happy back at home getting warm after my swimming this morning. Ari’s funny as he says yes to go out almost anywhere and doesn’t think about any possible negative implications. Shadow doesn’t want to be bothered with anything much right now, except for eating and sleeping and the occasional gentle stroll. She is very funny waddling up into the car using her ramp. She has decided that she is past being able to climb onto the bed without assistance but can still manage the settee which is a little lower. It won’t be long until she stops sleeping upstairs altogether and starts to get her birthing suite ready.

Only our Mistress can be starting to think about Christmas now! I pointed out there were much more important events before that, such has Grandpa’s 90th and my 10th birthdays, and for that matter Aristotle’s 4th birthday the birth or the puppies and the arrival of Wilma. She said that was the reason she was thinking about Christmas now. If she didn’t do it now then there wouldn’t be time! I can understand her reasoning, but it still seems a little early!

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