Friday 11th September 2015 – Dewdrop voted off

Well it didn’t take long for Dewdrop to be voted off the list. I’m not really sure what you’ve got against the name Dewdrop, but it isn’t going to be given to any of the puppies from Shadow’s litter. Shadow is all excited about going for another scan today. She says that once that is out of the way she will go through the list with me and try to split them between the names for the boys and the ones for the girls and start putting them in some sort of order. She always gives a very intelligent sounding name to at least one puppy. Aristotle was the one from our A litter, Beethoven (Basil) from the B litter and Chekov (Otto) in the C litter, although he should have had an ‘h’ in his name as he is named after the playwright, but our Mistress preferred it without. Oh there have been other fun ones like Casanova and ones from fairytales like Cinderella and from favourite books like Cosette (From Les Miserables), but there is always at least one that sounds intelligent. When it comes to our next litter there will be an Einstein, named after my real name Einstein van den Teindenschuur and of course after the famous scientist. Now which is it going to be for D? It would have been Dickens after our Mistress’s favourite author, but that is out as Bumble is known as Dickens. That’s why Disraeli, Dante, Dostoevsky, Defoe and Darwin are on the list – we’ll just have to wait to see which she goes with. At this point, our Mistress has chipped in and asked me to say that when it comes to E there will have to be an Emmeline after Emmeline Pankhurst as well! It is going to be a bit of a problem if there are no girls or no boys in the litter.

Bella is packed and ready to go to the stud dog in Germany today. I’m torn between feeling very down at the thought of what my girlfriend is doing and being excited for her too as I know I can’t give her puppies and she will make a great mum. It’s a tough one. I’m trying not to think about what’s actually going to happen.

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  1. Good Luck Bella and Sara, have a safe and successful journey.
    Looking forward to hearing about your scan Shadow, I am hoping the Vet sees lots of puppies!
    Love from Dickens X

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