Saturday 12th September 2015 – An update on Shadow

It’s Ari here, how’ve you been? I did something quite funny on Thursday. Whilst our Mistress was in her business meeting in London I managed to send her a text message just to say I was zooming round the garden. How cool is that? She said she got a bit of a surprise when her phone vibrated and she found it was a text from me. I didn’t want her to be missing us too much while she was gone!

Anyway, what you really want to know about is how is mum (Shadow)? Well, she had another scan yesterday and we are none the wiser. Our Mistress said they still definitely saw three puppies and they are quite well developed. One is a real wriggler and must be giving Mum all sorts of discomfort. That one is at the back and is definitely breached at this stage, although it may still turn round. To be honest it is wriggling so much anything is possible. The vet says because Shadow is getting so big she thinks it would be a good idea to x-ray her next week to see exactly how many puppies there are and to see if the breached one has turned round and he or she does look quite big. That means you’ll have to wait until Friday next week for a fuller update as she will have her xray on Thursday. Apparently the pups have to be at least 51 days old.

Dingo, Doughnut, Dandy, Danny Boy, Dudley and Doyle were struck from the list of names yesterday and there was a change to Deaver to make it Diva and more suitable for a girl. That means we are down to 20. I’m sorry but Duvel has stayed in at this stage in deference to one of our Master’s preferred Belgian beers and Dino has stayed in as it is a character from the Flintstones and as we’re getting Wilma in November we thought that would fit right in. We’re still talking about it though, so there is still time to give us your views. Left to choose between we have:


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    • Do you know the cartoons, Granny? Dilbert is the man and Dogbert is his dog. Our Mistress likes them. I think you might have to talk to her to get them taken off. Have a woofly day.

  1. Obviously I would pick Dostoevsky because of the Russian link. My mum said it’s a bit of a mouthful though and her favourite name is Darwin

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