Sunday 13th September 2015 – Autumn

Don’t you just love it when you look at the weather forecast and it says it is going to rain for 7 of the next 10 days? None of us really like going walking in the rain. It’s all right for our Mistress, at least she has walking boots and waterproofs, but what about us? I hate getting mud between my toes. Shadow says if she gets much bigger then her undercarriage will be trailing through the mud and Alfie hates his white bits getting dirty. I suppose we could ask for boots, but it would feel very odd. What I am surprised about is that no one has yet invented a dog umbrella to clip onto our harnesses and keep the rain off our head and body. I suppose it would only really be any good when we were on lead, we might do ourselves an injury running off attached to something like that.

I had my first night of having to get used to sleeping in a different room last night. Shadow’s whelping box isn’t set up yet, but I got moved out to make way for it. The problem is that everything is in the summerhouse and our Mistress got fed up of walking up and down the garden in the rain to bring it all in. That’s how I came to be looking at the weather forecast. I said she could wait for a dry day, but it turns out that she can’t. It all needs to be disinfected and cleaned ready for being used and that all takes time.

The list of names is progressing thanks to your help. Yesterday there were some more deletions. Daffodil went as did Dante, Defoe and Dogbert. However we had a new suggestion that we hadn’t thought of in Dylan so that is now on the list. Mum (Shadow) has also split the list now between boys and girls but hasn’t yet put them in order. Of course if Mum is only expecting three we won’t need nearly this many, even if they are all one sex. We now have:

Boys                                               Girls
Dino                                                   Dasha
Donatello                                          Dagmar
D’Artagnan                                       Della
Darcy                                                 Dixie
Dandini                                             Diva
Dilbert                                               Duchess

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