Wednesday 16th September 2015 – Latest weight

Poor Shadow. She went with Aristotle when he went swimming yesterday and got on the scales. She is now 29.05kg. That is a whole 5kg more than her starting weight. All the sites our Mistress has looked at suggest that by the end of pregnancy a dog has increased her bodyweight by around 25%. If she is going to stay with that she will have to only add another 1kg in the next 10 – 12 days. Given that she is constantly very hungry I suspect it will be more than that. She is finding going for walks quite a chore and really just wants to rest. She says she feels a bit like a Dachshund with her undercarriage so low to the ground and she is really fed up of having to clean the mud and grit off when she comes in. She’s still finding the energy to argue with Aristotle, but I guess there are things a mother just has to do.

I’ve been struggling to bring myself to tell you, but my girlfriend, Bella, has mated with the stud dog in Germany. She said everything went really well and they had ties on both Sunday and Monday. She’s promised she’ll never look at him again and that she’s still my girl, but it’s bound to affect how I feel. It didn’t help that she said he was really good looking with a nice temperament and she thinks they will have lovely puppies. Her pups will be due in the middle of November. I’ve asked our Mistress if we can go to visit when we go to Switzerland but she’s explained that Bella may not want me around then as the pups will be very young. She has said we can talk about it with Bella’s human nearer the time.

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