Friday 18th September 2015 – Shadow’s x-ray

X ray 17092015 reducedShadow went for her x-ray yesterday and it still looks like 3 puppies or maybe 4. With a vague possibility of 5! Apparently they all look about the same size so we are hoping that they are all not too big and she will just have the pleasure of bringing up a small litter as her last time with motherhood. As long as all goes smoothly then it should be a nice number to look after and be an enjoyable few weeks for all of us. Shadow says she is now getting quietly excited and crossing her paws for an easy birth. Our Mistress has relaxed a little bit as her weight gain has slowed down, Shadow’s that is not our Mistress’s! She still wants to eat all the time, but then the same is true of Shadow! Other than that Shadow is saying she doesn’t really want to go for walks anymore, but our Mistress is insisting that a short stroll is still good for her and getting out is exactly what she needs. It also cuts the amount of energy she has to argue with Aristotle.

Now then on to the names. We have narrowed the lists down to 6 of each and we need to put them in order. Tell us what you think the order should be for the boys and the girls. It may be there is only one boy or one girl or that all of the pups are one sex, so there is no guarantee the names will be used, but at least some of them will.

Boys                                                Girls
Dino                                                   Dasha
Donatello                                          Darcy
D’Artagnan                                       Della
Duvel                                                 Dixie
Dylan                                                 Diva
Dostoevsky                                       Duchess

At the last review Dilbert and Darwin went and I think we could now safely remove another one from each side too. What do you think? Just remember that our Mistress’s favourite is Dostoevsky so you won’t get far voting that off!

Shadow’s temperature will start being taken from tomorrow and I know Ari wants to bring you more news of the preparations over the weekend.

I shall run my competition to win tickets to Discover Dogs on Monday so look out for that too.

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  1. I agree, I would lose Duval from the boys list. I like all the girls names but if I was pushed I think it would be Dasha.

  2. (Highest preference to lowest)

    Boys: Dostoevsky, Donatello, D’Artagnan, Dylan, Duvel, Dino
    Girls: Della, Darcy, Dixie, Dasha, Diva, Duchess

    Love all the girls names 😀 Not fond of Duvel or Dino

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