Sunday 20th September 2015 – The countdown begins

Ari 4th birthdayI had a very nice birthday walk yesterday. I was a bit fed up that it was not as sunny as when Mum went out in the morning. She came back positively glowing. Our Mistress took her down into the village for a change as she had to go and take some photos of our village hall and Mum said she would like to go. As it turned out she really appreciated not having to get into the car and when she came back said she’d like to do it again today if our Mistress didn’t mind.

We are into countdown mode now and are in the last week – sort of. Normally you count the due date from the first mating, which would make it next Saturday. Our Mistress says she thinks that was a big early though and it might be more accurate to count from the mating on the Monday, which means we are at ‘D’ day minus 8. At the moment Mum’s temperature is completely normal so it certainly isn’t going to be just yet, but that’s good as there is still too much to do. Alfie wants to get a final swim in on Tuesday before we have a break for a few weeks and I think our Mistress is even hoping to get another load of cheese from the wonderful stall on the local market on Friday as emergency provisions. I’m just ambling along hoping no one will notice they’ve forgotten to take me to kennels!

Our Mistress was describing the three of us to someone and she said I’m the one who always makes her laugh. I think she meant it as a good thing and that she isn’t laughing at me. Alfie’s definitely the serious one of the family and Mum is just a happy little thing with not a great deal of thinking going on – at least according to our Mistress, don’t let Mum think that’s my view. She’d kill me!

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