Wednesday 23rd September 2015 – Using a doppler

Duchess being weighed day 3

Oh the joy of trying to work out how many puppies there are. Our Mistress doesn’t have any proper dog clippers and to be honest was loathed to shave all Shadow’s beautiful fur, so it made it much harder to either a) get a good contact or b) mark where each one was. However, with a little time and practice she was able to differentiate between the general sounds of Shadow’s body working and little heartbeats. On one side she feels confident she could find three heartbeats and on the other she was confident of two and thought she had a third. This does seem to support the idea that Shadow is expecting five or six pups.  She is going to talk to our Master to see if he will forgive her for shaving some of Shadow’s fur so she can get a better contact, but to be honest I think she is confident enough of what she has found so far even without going to those lengths.

She was weighed at swimming yesterday and now weighs more than either Aristotle or myself. She is a massive 30.3kg so already more than 25% more than her normal weight and she’s still eating for England… or Switzerland as the case may be! The fact that she’s still eating gives my Mistress some indication that the pups won’t be arriving for a few days yet. Last time she stopped eating about 4 days before they arrived. Which means you still have time to join in the guessing when the first pup will be born. Leave a comment to tell us when you think. So far we have:

Dickens – Sat 26th Midday
Val – Sunday (her birthday)
David – 6.30am Monday
Lynn – 8pm Sunday

It was my turn to swim yesterday and it wasn’t my usual hydrotherapist. It quite threw me. I really didn’t want to swim and was all over the place going round in circles. I’m a bit of a creature of habit and I’ve become rather fond of my usual lady. I know she has to have holiday but in future I think our Mistress should take Aristotle on those weeks so that I’m not inconvenienced.

Our Mistress has emailed to book Wilma’s first puppy training courses. She is thinking of taking Wilma to two different classes so that she is well socialised. It brought back memories of how much I didn’t like going to classes, but I’ve promised not to share my horror stories with Wilma.

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  1. Are puppies like babies and come at the most inconvenient time? I am guessing yes, so will say 2 am Monday morning! Good luck Shadow 🙂

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