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018c0e8be9001907189b1ed2b3bed10dde5560eeadHopefully now things can settle into a bit of a routine and I’ll update you twice a day, unless there is any other specific news to bring. I will start doing some videos in a day or two, but Shadow has asked if that can wait until she’s feeling a little more herself. Under normal circumstances I’ll bring you a morning update after the 10am weigh in and then an update later in the day, probably about this time.

Shadow was very spaced out for the morning. The pups spent the time eating and our Mistress filled in as surrogate mum with the washing, which helps them to go to the toilet. The pups took a while to get the hang of finding where to go for milk and still often head to the same teat and fight it out. Again our Mistress is on hand to help where she can, holding them up to teats they are struggling to reach and showing them what to do. Our Master spent much of the day helping too and that enabled our Mistress to go for a nice afternoon nap with me, which I really appreciated. We sent messages to Ari at the kennels and to the puppies’ father amongst others and had so many good wishes back that it was wonderful. Shadow is a very much loved and respected dog and as mother of 22 of what is now 57 Entlebuchers in the UK, she has really been doing her bit for the breed.

By early afternoon Shadow was ready to go to stretch her legs and have a good drink, but couldn’t face much food at that stage. She did have her Fit and Fertile mid afternoon and then her painkillers and antibiotics, but said he just couldn’t face normal food yet.

As the pups all went with their mum when she went for her caesarean, they were all checked by the vet then and declared fit and well. Duchess has dew claws on her rear feet which will need to be removed on Tuesday, but that is not a problem and is quite normal. All of them have very good markings from what we can see so far. It does make them much harder to tell apart at this stage, but I know that our Mistress will spot all the little differences over the next few days so she can easily work out which is which.

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  1. Hope you are all settling into the routine. Congratulations to you all, especially Shadow….hope she’s well rested now xxxx

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