Monday 28th September 6pm – They grow up so fast

Duchess - 2 days old

The Grow Up so Fast

It is almost as though you can see them growing before your eyes. One minute they are tiny little curled up balls that look like moles and the next they are starting to look like guinea pigs! D’Artagnan and his three Musketeer sisters have spent the day eating and sleeping. They have all got the hang of being bottle fed and are having a top up by bottle feeding every four hours. In between our Mistress is making them rely on Shadow so that they do as much as they can to encourage her milk.  Unfortunately she still has infection in some teats but it is a lot better than it was.

Shadow is delighted

Shadow says she is delighted with her little family and is enjoying trying to look after them, but is grateful for the extra help. She is feeling a little better and did enjoy a little trot round the garden in the sunshine earlier this afternoon. She says that to be honest she hasn’t been able to move this easily for a few weeks and despite the wound is much more comfortable than she was a few days ago.

Duchess - 2 days old
Duchess – 2 days old

Our Mistress has finally worked out enough differences in their markings to be able to recognise which girl is which. Helped by the fact that Della’s body shape is just as Aristotle was at that age – really long and lean. I think that our Mistress might have fallen in love with her just a little bit.

This picture shows Duchess having a little snooze after tea.

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