Tuesday 29th September 2015 – evening – A good day

Noses going black

It’s been a good day in the little puppy house. Duchess was very brave when she went to the vet to have her dew claws removed. To be fair she makes enough noise the rest of the time so our Mistress was surprised she didn’t scream the place down. She’s definitely got a good pair of lungs on her.

We’ve finally managed to get some of the puppies using some of Shadow’s rear teats which means for most meals they have all been able to get enough to eat and roll off as full contented puppies without the need for extra bottles. Now our Mistress is just basing whether to give them a helping hand on their weights rather than on a more regular basis.

Contented after a heavy meal
Contented after a heavy meal

I’ve been setting up the camera so that I can bring you video footage of the puppies on a regular basis. I was hoping to bring you the first one this afternoon, but I ran into computer problems. I won’t bore you with the details but I’ve now borrowed an old laptop from our Mistress and am hoping to have it set up in time for tomorrow so that I can bring a short video each evening of how they are doing.

We did have one very unpleasant moment earlier in the day. Because Shadow has a tendency to jump up at the sound of the doorbell or door knocker, there is a big sign on our front door saying not to use them. There is tape over the bell and over the knocker to hold it closed. Would you believe that someone still managed to push on the tape to make the bell ring? Fortunately it was at a point that our Mistress had just moved three of the four puppies so she could go and make a sandwich and the fourth was out of Shadow’s way for jumping, which was very lucky. I have never heard our Mistress shout as loudly as she did at the man at the door. What made it worse is that he wanted to read the electricity meter and we had already done it when we received the email reminder and what’s more have already paid the bill so there was no need for him to call at all. There is now even more tape over the bell and knocker, this time bright yellow and green stripy tape forming a big cross over each of them. I do hope that can be understood. Our Mistress wouldn’t cope if one of the pups was trodden on.

Instead of a video for today you will have to make do with a photo of a contented family just after a meal.

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