Day 5 in the little puppy house – the first video

Della - day 6

I’ve uploaded the first video for you to watch, just follow this link HERE. This was lunch today and actually it was quite quiet and civilised, if you count eating upside down as civilised! I’ll try to catch them being noisy for you tomorrow. One of the problems as our Mistress pointed out to me is that if they are crying then she and Shadow are trying to sort out why and me trying to go in with the camera is rather getting in the way. I thought I was in with a chance earlier when Dixie was having a screaming fit, but our Mistress shooed me away and was busy getting her a bottle to top up her feed as Shadow had wandered off and Dixie was still hungry.

Noses going black
Noses going black

Anyway, on the whole it has been a good day and in the latest development little noses are starting to turn black and the brown fur on the legs is becoming clearer. It’s amazing watches the changes almost by the hour. The noses are starting to get a little longer and look more like noses now too.

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