A growing day

Well after putting on so much weight yesterday the pups have been having a growing day. They have been very quiet and sleeping for up to two hours between feeds, which has to be a good thing! Shadow has been doing better with her milk through the course of today so our Mistress hasn’t done any top up feeds since last night. She will double check their weights shortly so she can give them all some of the special mix if anyone is struggling.

D'Artagnan day 9
D’Artagnan day 9

Alfie said it wasn’t fair that I had brought you photos of all the girls this morning but not one of D’Artagnan. I did explain it was only Duchess’s foot, but here to even things up is a photo of D’Artagnan after his lunch this afternoon.

I had a go at showing you a bit more on today’s video. You can see it HERE. It is not so close up but it does give you chance to see them moving about a little more. If you look carefully towards the end you will see a couple of them trying to support themselves on their little legs. I can’t believe I was ever like that, but our Mistress assures me I was and to be fair was a lot smaller with it. I was always the easy one to spot because I was the smallest – I put paid to that a while ago.

What was lovely for our Mistress was coming back from walking Shadow to find that a friend had left her a box of biscuits. It really made her afternoon and she was soon ploughing her way through them. She wouldn’t share either!

Our Mistress says the time with the puppies is flying by. She has filled in the form to send off and register the litter and now just hopes all the names are accepted. You have to give an alternative name for each in case the Kennel Club doesn’t accept the first one so we’re just hoping they really will be called what we think they are, as we’ve got used to the names now.

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