Sunday 4th October 2015 – We have a new leader

Struggling to stand

D’Artagnan has taken over as leader in the weight stakes. He added 105g to get to 1045g. Duchess added 80 to reach 1035g – so that’s two puppies who have passed the 1kg mark. Then Dixie is not far behind at 980g having added 100g and ‘little’ Della is not so little – she is now 940g having added 90g. Finally our Mistress has lost 4 pounds, but she says I can’t mention what weight that brings her down to!

They are still getting some help from bottle feeding as some of Shadow’s teats seem to be completely dry. She seems to have a good supply in others but they can’t all eat at the same time and there are occasions when they are going round crying looking for food – but it depends which side Shadow is lying on as one side is better than the other. They do tunnel underneath as I used to do, but I think with Shadow’s C-section it’s harder for her to lie in a way that makes that so easy.


You have been asking how we tell them apart and


the answer is ‘not easily’. Basically there are at the moment very few differences, although I think Dixie might be developing slightly longer white socks than Della. This is the best I can do at the moment, but as I can show you more differences or Alfie can if they

happen in the week then we’ll tell you what they are.

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