Monday 5th October 2015 – Please stop crying Duchess

Dixie wonders why her pillow keeps moving

Duchess has been grumbling for the last couple of hours and won’t tell us what’s wrong. I think she may have reached the point where she has actually forgotten why it was she was crying. She seems ok, but may have a little wind. Hopefully in another hour or so she’ll be feeling better.

01edf838b66c17bb69c9649eb168bd4330cc561fd3Shadow is feeling brighter this morning and although her milk supply dropped again yesterday evening it seems to have come back stronger this morning and our Mistress is hoping that it will continue. Shadow is also being more enthusiastic about washing their little faces, which can be quite cute. When our Mistress weighed everyone last night they had all lost weight during the day. They hadn’t been getting any top up feeds and clearly weren’t getting enough from Shadow. Anyway, they all had top ups through the night and the result was that by this morning everyone’s weight was doing fine. D’Artagnan is now 1140g, up 95g on yesterday. Duchess despite her crying is up to 1120g an increase of 85g. Dixie is now 1050g, up 70g on yesterday and Della is 1020g up 80g from yesterday. They are all now over the 1kg and doing well… except he crying!

Although they haven’t been sleeping with Shadow in the whelping box, our Mistress has left the roll bars in, just in case they decided to sleep in there again. However, now they are all bigger our Mistress will take them out for safety and to give them a little more room.

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