Grizzly grumbly puppies

Della asking for milk

It’s been a long day. Our Mistress is feeling very tired and we’ve been playing her up. To be fair the puppies started it. They have been quite grumbly after their meals today as they have been going to sleep and we’ve just been reacting to them. We’re all a bit wired. It’s nothing that a long walk wouldn’t fix and we’ve been promised that if our Mistress can get a decent night’s sleep tonight she will spend some time with each of us tomorrow.

Dixie wonders why her pillow keeps moving
Dixie wonders why her pillow keeps moving

Shadow had her stitches out and our vet says she is doing very well. Shadow is already trying to get her figure back, although probably a little too soon as far as our Mistress is concerned for her feeding the puppies. While she was at the vet our Mistress booked the puppies in for a manicure before they shred her arms to pieces. They are going for that on Thursday morning so that will be quite an outing. We have not worked out yet if they still fit in the small carrying box or whether they have already outgrown it. They won’t be that light to lift even if there are only four of them.

One thing our vet said was that we should not be concerned if they are later starting to walk than other litters have been. Apparently larger puppies can be a little later with developments of that nature. They are certainly flexing their legs in readiness and have started trying weight bearing on their back legs as well as their front ones.

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