Wednesday 7th October 2015 – Boiling liver

Dixie with her eye open
Duchess feeling full
Duchess feeling full

Our Mistress hates the smell of liver cooking, but the recipe she uses to feed the pups calls for stock from beef liver and so for the next couple of hours there will be liver boiling in the kitchen. Ari suggested she could go out and he’d look after it, but I don’t know that that would be a good idea. Anyway, she’s having to do it because the pups are eating so much. They have moved onto the bigger teat for the bottle and are glugging the milk down at a fair rate of knots. Of course, being loyal to their mum, they say that Shadow’s milk tastes better but given there is not enough of that there is little choice for them but to have the replacement milk.

Anyway, before I get to the important business of tell you their weights, I have some much more important news. Dixie opened an eye yesterday. I don’t think she was focussing too well yet but she definitely opened her eye and had a little look at the world. The stage where out Mistress is in control of what they are doing will come to an end all too soon and they will be up to no good before you know it.

This is the stage of previous litters when we did not realise they needed a helping hand on the food front. What that means is that this litter has overtaken the rate of increase of the others by some margin. On the bright side, despite not having any milk it is the first time that Shadow has actually been well at this stage and she says she’s grateful for that. D’Artagnan, despite moaning for hours that he was still hungry, gained 140g and is now 1360g. Duchess added 120g to reach 1325g. Della is very happy with the improved bottle arrangement and added 155g to reach 1260g and Dixie is not so sure but still added 100g to reach 1220g. It puts it into context when you realise that at this stage our poor little runt, Aristotle, only weighed 656g!

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