A Three Hour Gap

Shadow is now a climbing frame

Admittedly it’s only happened once and then they were back to a two hour gap, but there was actually a three hour gap between their midday feed and their next demand at three this afternoon. I think their manicure had tired them out. They were very well behaved, mainly because they were quite sleepy at the time of their visit!

Dixie with her eye open
Dixie with her eye open

Here is a picture of Dixie with her eye open looking incredibly cute. Today’s video is HERE.

Still puppy related but not this lot, our Mistress had a Skype call with Wilma last night. Ari was in on it and said she looks really cute. Apparently she is quite an escape artist and they have nicknamed her ‘wild Wilma’ so she should fit right in! I shall be going on the trip to Switzerland to collect her so that I can meet her first. I think I’m looking forward to it, but I’m not completely sure!

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