Thursday 8th October 2015 – Della is a clever girl

getting so big
Della asking for milk
Della asking for milk

At just 12 days old Della has worked out what to do to ask for more food if her mum hasn’t got enough milk. She is amazing. At the end of trying to get milk from Shadow she crawled straight over to where our Mistress sits ready with the bottle and lifted herself up and cried. As soon as she was given the chance she gladly accepted the top up before settling down to sleep. You could say it was a coincidence, but we really don’t think it was.

Duchess really reminds us of Cracker from the last litter. She has become the gentle giant of the girls. Roly-poly in shape but undemanding with it. D’Artagnan is a little more demanding and seems to need quite a lot of food to keep him going. I think it may be that he’s letting his sisters go first where his mum’s milk is concerned so needs more from the bottle. Dixie doesn’t push herself forward. She is a little more hesitant and terribly sweet. They are all off to the vet this morning for their manicures.

This is the first time weight gains have been good at this stage. The first two litters Shadow had pancreatitis and the last one mastitis at this stage and our Mistress didn’t realise how much topping up they needed until later. Anyway, this lot are doing nicely. D’Artagnan is in the lead at 1455g an increase of 95 g and a full 200g more than the previous heaviest at this stage (which was Bumble (Dickens)). Duchess is 1390g an increase of 65g. She is 160 heavier than the gorgeous Tess (Britannia) was at this stage. Della is now 1330g an increase of 70g and Dixie is only just behind at 1325g and increase of 105g for her. D’Artagnan is more than twice the weight Aristotle was at this age. He was just 716g and it was no wonder we were so worried about him!

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