A Busy Day

Sleeping in the other pen
Shadow is now a climbing frame
Shadow is now a climbing frame

It’s been a busy day for the puppies. First of all they had a phone call from the Kennel Club saying all their names are fine and have been registered. That led to much excitement. It was explained that they didn’t have five full generations of their father’s family on their records so they won’t show on their certificates. It’s a shame because our Mistress could tell them many many generations but they won’t accept that. They do now have five generations on their mother’s side because she of course was born here too.

The heat pad has been removed from the pen they have been sleeping in. Our Mistress had observed they weren’t really using it anymore and then the last straw was one of them deliberately walking over to pee on it. When I say walking that is a bit of an exaggeration but you get the picture. Our Mistress has suspected the behaviour before it happened thanks to the smell of warm pee!

Also this morning the girls were playing just a tiny bit for the first time. It was either that or fighting. Della and Dixie were mouthing each other as puppies, and in fact older dogs, tend to do. On the other paw D’Artagnan was not happy about today’s feeding arrangements and cried for an hour solid in an attempt to wear our Mistress down. She did the only sensible thing and turned the baby monitor off! Oh she went to check on him to make sure he was ok, but she didn’t give in. She doesn’t want him either getting too fat or growing too quickly. It’s in his own interests, he just doesn’t see it that way!

Now that they don’t need the heat pad they will spend more time in the main whelping box rather than the smaller pen they were sleeping in. Normally if Shadow had been prepared to stay in with them they would have been in the whelping box all along. It will give them more space to move around in now they are getting bigger and moving around a little more. They will just go into the little pen when our Mistress is cleaning the whelping box out.

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