Saturday 10th October 2015 – Two weeks on

I’ve not actually met my brother and sisters yet but I’ve looked through the gap when the door has been open.

Mountain Dog
Mountain Dog

This is the first litter that have been in a regular meal pattern when only two weeks old. For the last 24 hours they have gone three hours between each meal. It means that it is easier to plan and easier for our Mistress to get some sleep. After the discussion about him not having any formula top-ups, our Mistress has reached a compromise with D’Artagnan. She is letting each of them have up to 20ml each meal to supplement what they are getting from Shadow. He’s not exactly happy, but he has accepted the situation on the understanding that it will increase if his weight isn’t going the right way. He did try wriggling on the scales to see if he could make it go down!

They are at least looking like little dogs. The mole / guinea pig stages have passed and their little noses are starting to look more like the rest of us – just cuter!

D’Artagnan is now 1650g having added 50g, Duchess is 1500g having added 30g. Della is 1470g after an addition of 70g and Dixie added 50g to reach 1485g.

Today there is furniture moving to do and the big pen to set up. I shall of course be helping… by keeping out of the way! It is going to be interesting to see how it all fits as the fire was fitted in the corner of the office since last time! They won’t move up there until next weekend so we’ve got a bit of time to work it out. The exciting thing is that I’ll get to meet them when they move up to the office.

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