Spiders have been asked to leave

Sleeping in the other pen
Sleeping in the other pen

The office has been prepared ready for the pen. The lino that goes under the pen has been brought in from the summerhouse. First of all it was rolled out on the grass so that any spiders could be asked to leave by our Master. That’s one of the jobs our Mistress prefers to delegate! Anyway, then it was brought in, spider-free, and put into position. It’s in a slightly different location than in the past and as it is now directly in front of our Mistress’s desk there is a serious risk she won’t do any work at all but will just sit and watch them all day.

Having moved to regular feeds the pups are still asleep when our Mistress goes in after three hours, so she is going to ask them this evening if they would like to move it out to four hourly slots. They will be fed at 6.30 which is the next three hour slot, but after that she is going to leave it until they wake up or 10.30 whichever is sooner. You should have seen how excited she was at the possibility that she might get two chunks of three and a half hours to sleep at night, it’s really quite pitiful.

In just a few days we are going to be able to watch them starting to play and having a little more interaction with their world. That’s when it all gets interesting. Until then, HERE is today’s video.

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