The sound of hungry puppies


Today’s video is what happens when the puppies wake up demanding food. Sorry, the lighting isn’t great but it’s more about the noises they make than what they look like today. Yes they really do squeak, squawk and woof like that. I know there is an echo on it, but there are times it really sounds as though they have got hold of a loudspeaker to make their demands through. You can see it HERE

I’m writing this a little too early to update you on the weight situation but our Mistress says if her hands are anything to go by in picking them up then they have definitely all put weight on during the day. When they were born she could easily life one in each hand to move them around. Then it was one at a time and now she definitely needs two hands for one big squirming puppy. The good thing with more food is that they have gone back to wanting three hourly feeds so I think we’re going in the right direction.


Today’s photo is little Della – well not so much of the little really. She’s grown quite a lot! I will try to bring you more individual photos over the next few days as long as I can work out who is who!

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  1. I have so enjoyed watching these puppies. Watching them always puts a smile on my face. Are their eyes open yet and are the walking now? In the last video, they looked like they were walking a bit. They are so adorable, thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you. Yes eyes and ears are all open. They are almost walking, just falling over every so often which is quite funny. You’ll enjoy the videos from next week when they are in the big pen and can start to try playing with things. Have a woofly day.

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