Toilet training the pups


It’s time for toilet training the pups. They may only be a couple of weeks old but the pups are already showing a preference to go to the toilet in a particular spot. As there are only four of them it is easier for our Mistress to give them each a little more attention so she has had an idea. She is going to see if she can start to toilet train them. I don’t just mean encourage them to go in the same area of the pen, she wants to go further than that and introduce them to grass. It’s much too cold for them to go outside so she’s bringing the grass to them. She was struggling to track down a single roll of turf, but a lovely landscape gardener in the village is helping out and they will shortly have their very own grass.

Toilet training on grass

She is going to cut a square into a large tray and put it in the corner of their pen and when they wake up she will move them to the grass to go to the toilet and see if they can get the hang of using it of their own accord. Of course they may instead simply learn to dig and play in the grass and carry on going to the toilet on the vet bed! The first problem, having obtained the grass, is to find a shallow tray that they can get onto without too much mountaineering to climb up. If the idea works it will be well worthwhile and cut down on some of the cleaning up jobs.

I have my reservations. Also, Ari and I have been told in no uncertain terms that it is not for us, although I think one of us may get to have a little go so there is the smell there for them to respond to.

Today’s video

Today’s video is fun. It was taken after their lunch and they are all playing and squawking before settling down for their afternoon naps. I think they are probably ready for one or two of the toys to join them, but they only play for a few minutes before they fall asleep as you will see. Gradually that will get longer. You can see it HERE


The photo is Duchess dozing off in our Mistress’s arms. I think our Mistress is totally in love with all of them!

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