Unbelievably excited

Puppy pawball

It has been such an exciting day that I just don’t know where to start. First of all, my girlfriend Bella is pregnant. Not by me, that would just be too much excitement to cope with. I have to make do with being a surrogate dad. Anyway, she had her scan and she is expecting puppies. We are so very happy for her.

Meanwhile here, as you will see both from the photo and the video the puppies have been taking their first ‘steps’ in lapping milk. Now when I say ‘steps’ there was a certain amount of standing in it and Shadow had to do quite a lot of clearing up afterwards, but our Mistress put a little bowl of milk down and the puppies all had a little go. She was right that Dixie was the most ready for it and by the

Dixie leads the way
Dixie leads the way

end she was happily tucking in. You will see our Mistress’s hand at one point in the video, stopping them tipping the bowl up completely! Anyway, it is a big cause for celebration and means that we can look forward to starting to wean them from about Saturday. They are only lapping milk at the moment, or milk substitute anyway, but that will move to a very thin gruel and progress from there. They do end up very sticky and covered in it, but Shadow is very good at sorting all of that out and finishing what they haven’t eaten! Our Mistress has mixed feelings about coming to the end of bottle feeding. On the one paw it takes a lot of time, so she will be grateful to stop, but on the other paw it does build a very close bond between her and the puppies and she does enjoy how close she feels to them.

You can see the video HERE

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