Wednesday 14th October 2015 – Beauty spots

A pile of playing puppies

We have found another way to differentiate the girls. Della has got beauty spots on her nose, very like her mother’s. Dixie has just a little one and Duchess’s nose is spot free. If they will stay still for five minutes we’ll take some photos to show you. I think you can actually see on yesterday’s of Duchess that she is spot free. Duchess had an email from her big sister Cinderella yesterday saying how similar they look in photos at that age. Hopefully when Duchess is a little bigger she can meet her big sister to see if they are still similar.

Dixie has asked if she can try lapping milk. Our Mistress wasn’t going to try for another couple of days but overnight whenever Dixie had the chance of a bottle top up she said she’d rather try lapping at it than sucking. I think a little later our Mistress is going to find a little bowl so they can have a go. It’s quite early but there’s no reason against if they are ready.

The play zone
The play zone

Today’s photo shows the ‘play’ zone of their new pen.  The toys you can see are only some of the ones they have. Our Mistress always puts out about half of them as they will need to go through the wash regularly and she doesn’t want them to be without. They have ones of different materials and that make different sounds. We can’t set some of the rest of the zones up until nearer the time. The whelping box will move up for them to sleep in and of course the tray of turf will move in once it is ready. Our Mistress is going to water it and cut the right sized piece for the tray. The rest will be kept nice and moist so that the piece can be replaced at intervals as necessary. There will be the food zone too but obviously that will only have food when they are ready to eat it.

Their weights are all progressing well. D’Artagnan added 70g taking him past the 2kg mark to 2030g. Della is trying to catch up. She added 135g to reach 1915g. Duchess added 85g and is now 1830g and Dixie is only just behind her having added 110g to reach 1815g.

My girlfriend Bella is going for her scan today. We are all crossing our paws for you Bella, even if you were unfaithful to me!

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