How much can one puppy eat?

A pile of puppies - Duchess on top, D'Artagnan at the bottom

Well after this afternoon’s feeding session even I would need a number of hours to sleep it off. They had been having a funny day with an odd gap of only an hour and half between two feeds this morning, but on the other paw they have managed two lots of 3 and a half hours. When they woke up at 3.30 after that long of sleep they were very very hungry and ploughed their way through everything Shadow had to offer, as you can see in the video HERE followed by two whole bottles of the formula milk. Now we just need to see if we’ve got enough ingredients to keep them fed with formula until our next Tesco delivery arrives on Saturday morning. In the worst case our Supermarket is open 24 hours a day so our Mistress could nip out and get a little midnight snack for them.

We found out who likes sleeping under the vet bed and it’s D’Artagnan. He was kind of cute when he woke up and came out.

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