Thursday 15th October 2015 – Peek a boo

Dixie and Della using D'Artagnan as a pillow
Duvet Day
Duvet Day

So which puppy is following in the pawprints of older siblings like Dickens (Bumble) by turning the vet bed into a duvet? Our Mistress didn’t want to disturb them all to find out who it was, but we’ll soon learn as time goes on. Whichever it is will be delighted when he or she gets a blanket from their new owners and can be tucked up nice and snug for a nap now and again. The new owners bring blankets that smell of them so that their puppy can get used to their smell.  When they move to live with their new human it doesn’t seem so strange to them then and they settle more easily. Of course when I was a pup our Mistress visited me so often that there was no way I wouldn’t know her smell.  I was born about an hour and half from where she was living but I think she’d have come every day if she could.

The pups are all doing very well. Dixie was cross that there were no lapping opportunities overnight but our Mistress explained that the amount of cleaning up after them just took too long and she needed her sleep. When I say ‘Dixie was cross’, I don’t think Dixie is really capable of being cross. She’s the gentlest little girl imaginable.

Before they all went to bed last night D’Artagnan came out to say goodnight to us all. He’d asked our Mistress if she would take him to say goodnight to our Master and of course we were all there too. Our Mistress was too busy holding him so we could all have a little sniff of each other to take a picture but it was a nice moment. Shadow was very proud.

We now have two pups who weigh more than 2kg. D’Artagnan is 2180g having added 150g. Della is 2015g having added 100g. Duchess is 1915g having added 85g and Dixie had a slower day making it to 1860g having added a respectable 45g but she had has a big gain the day before.

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