Friday 16th October 2015 – Getting Ready for the Big Move

Playing on the grass
Dixie being weighed

The puppies are going to be spending the day getting ready for their big move. Until now they have spent most of their time sleeping in the little pen and they like it. It’s what they are used to. They won’t be able to sleep in that one in the office as it will be in a spot that can get a bit chilly near the big window. They will be fine spending a little time in it during the day when our Mistress cleans out the big pen or when they have one on one time with their blankets, but they will have to get used to sleeping in the whelping box or elsewhere in the big pen wherever they make themselves comfortable. Anyway, it means today they will sleep in the whelping box to start to get used to it. Then tomorrow morning when it is cleaned out it will be moved up to the big pen and they will follow when it’s set up and ready. From then on the number of new things they will face will be huge. Not least of which will be me and Ari, although we’ve now met both Della and D’Artagnan.

Tomorrow they will start trying their new food too, but probably with little success initially. They will soon get the hang of it though. It’s going to be fun times with so many opportunities for different videos.

D’Artagnan now weighs 2275g having added 95g. Della is really going for it and weighs 2140g having added 125g. Duchess almost made the 2kg mark, she is now 1990g having added 75g and Dixie is now 1935g having added 75g too.

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