Puppies misbehaving

Della sticking her tongue out at her sister

The puppies have found out how to misbehave and have done it quite effectively. They did not like being asked to sleep in the whelping box and the video shows the amount of noise they can already bring to voice their objections. You can see it HERE but it may be best not to have it at full volume!

To be honest if they had kept their protest to noise it wouldn’t be so bad but there was the ‘poo incident’. When our Mistress went back to them after just a couple of hours, having left them in a completely clean pen, they had managed to liberally daub poo all round the walls of the whelping box as well as over the bedding and themselves. The smell was not great and when you think our Mistress is going to have to sleep in there, she was not best pleased. First of all Shadow was sent in to give them a bit of a lecture and clean them up as best she could. Then our Mistress got the baby wipes out and cleaned them up where Shadow had missed. The bedding all had to go through the wash and the pen was completely disinfected! So let that be a lesson to you. These puppies are not to be messed with. If they say they don’t want to sleep in the whelping box, they mean they DON’T WANT TO SLEEP IN THE WHELPING BOX! They were put back in their favoured pen during the clean up operation and promptly and very quietly went straight to sleep. Now we just have to see what they make of the big pen tomorrow!

How cute?

The picture was of one of them after going back into their favoured pen looking too cute for words.

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