First day in the new pen – Aristotle reporting

inspecting the new pen
inspecting the new pen
inspecting the new pen

What a day. The puppies moved at 9.30 this morning and announced they were not happy with the Feng Shui of the pen. The grass was in the wrong place, the cow shed was facing the wrong way… oh they had a whole list of required alterations. They were finding everything daunting and strange and I have to say they howled for a very long time. What’s funny is that the grass seems to be growing even faster than they are and our Mistress has visions of having to trim it every few days with the scissors. I don’t think any of them have actually used the grass to go to the toilet yet, but they do seem to like resting their heads on the edge of the tray. None of them has ventured into the cow shed yet, but they quite like hiding behind it.

To be honest with moving everything and trying to settle the puppies our Mistress was

utterly run ragged yesterday morning and just wanted to curl up and sleep as well. Then there was the lunchtime feed incident. I was being annoying because it was all so exciting, and generally getting in the way. Mum (Shadow) was feeling a bit edgy with all the changes and so instead of turning on me she turned on the innocent party who was standing quietly in the background and attacked Alfie. He said it really hurt but our Mistress could find no sign of blood. Our Mistress now says for the next few meal times until Shadow is happy with how things are going we are going to have to be kept out of the way for safety.

The pups had their first attempt at the new gruel they are moving onto. They weren’t really sure but they all had some and our Mistress made sure they had really tried before she let Shadow in to clean up and feed them. They were all offered a bottle top up at the end just in case they were still hungry, but they said with all the confusion they had slightly lost their appetite. If I were them I’d be grateful for the bottles offered as they will stop altogether in another day or so and they will have to lap any food they don’t get from Shadow.

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