D’Artagnan had visitors

Waiting to be fed

It has been a very exciting day for D’Artagnan as he met his new family for the first time. He seemed very happy with the arrangements and I think they did as well. It’s hard not to fall in love with such a beautiful puppy and he’s so calm and affectionate that I think they will all be very happy together. Our Mistress is very happy as all of this litter will be living nearer to her than other ones have, except me and Amigo of course you can’t get much nearer than that. Anyway, D’Artagnan is going to be living in an area she knows well and she is hoping to be able to go to see him at intervals.

The puppies had done so well on their first try at solids that today they have tried the introduction of baby food. Today’s video shows you how they got on and you can see it HERE. Of course they end up totally covered in at, much as any small child does, but they like it and they are now happily going for four hours between meal times. They’ve completely stopped wanting any bottle feeds too and are happy with the top up milk they get from Mum (Shadow). They have water in the pen now. It’s in a chicken feed dispenser so there is not fear of them falling in it. They can lap when they need a drink but that’s all fairly new to them at the moment. To be fair they have protested and asked to go back to just milk, but our Mistress has explained with all their little teeth coming through it’s time they started getting ready for proper food. She is quite up to doing battle for as long as it takes as I well remember from my own puppyhood. Mum says she’s not so impressed about the teeth!

0154d2ee6f98c0f53463e24e9bc51c0a828ee6d2f6They absolutely love the cow shed. They have tried to see if they all fit, but it’s a bit of a squash. I think our Mistress is going to buy a second one so that they have something when this one is in the wash. They aren’t going to like being without it! The only problem is they all seem to ship from the Far East so by the time it gets here the puppies will be ready to move out. Maybe she will go to look in the pet shop instead.

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