Sunday 18th October 2015 – An eventful first day

D'Artagnan enjoying blanket time

Well, as I told you last night, the pups put in their demands for what they wanted to be moved and to be fair to them they were happy with their decisions. It wasn’t long before

two of them had moved into the cow shed and declared it a very comfortable place to pass the time. They have not yet used the grass but seem to be starting to understand they should go there when they wake up. They get off again then go to the toilet somewhere inconvenient but it is a start… sort of! For the first couple of meals our Mistress was worried that it was only D’Artagnan and Della who were happy with moving onto solids, but as the day progressed Dixie and Duchess joined in and no one wanted any bottle top ups after they had also had milk from their mum. Mum (Shadow) is feeding under duress, mind you as we can feel their little teeth starting to come through I don’t really blame her. To be fair to her she did stay around long enough so they were all happy and she did most of the washing from them walking through the food. The best bit is that they have moved onto a one stop strategy at night. They only wanted feeding once which was excellent news.

The little polar bear was an early favourite toy. It has had more repairs than any other toy

The first toy to be chosen
The first toy to be chosen

as it seem to be so popular. This will be its last litter according to our Mistress as soon there will be more repair than toy and it’s hard to hold all the repairs together.

This morning our Mistress was faced with the big, and now daily, task of cleaning out the pen and getting it all nice and clean for the pups to start messing up again. Toys that were victims of accidents will go through the wash and for five minutes everything will look nice and clean… until their next feed. The grass has been watered and we now little a tiny little mower to run across it.

Today they have their first visit by one of the owners to be, which they are very excited about.

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