First worming

Well today was one of those days our Mistress hates. It was the first worming for the puppies. The bottle says you can add it to the food, but they are uncertain enough of what they are eating without some strange pink stuff turning up in it! Anyway, our Mistress goes for the syringe approach and then is left trying to decide whether having it spat back at her in small sections is better than having one big amount. She went for the one big amount with Della and the poor girl nearly choked on it. Our Mistress was beside herself making sure little Della was all right and then giving her a big reassuring cuddle when she’d stopped gagging and coughing. You will be relieved to know she is fine, and our Mistress took the bit at a time method with the others. Our Mistress’s trousers now need to go through the wash as they are covered in pink spit. She has no idea how much the puppies actually swallowed, but she tried and she’s thinking of giving them pink milk to drink next time as a ‘treat’!

post worming snooze
post worming snooze

At one point today all four were in the cow shed. One was lolling over the doorway and the others were nowhere in sight. They came out one by one climbing over each other when they were hungry.

Today’s video HERE is an attempt to show you what it’s like now for poor Shadow when they pups want to eat. She has just about given up sitting down with them and makes them reach up to her if they want some milk. The photo is everyone sleeping off their wormer – none the worse for the experience!

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