Now we are worried

The puppies are fine, I’m not worrying about them. It’s Wilma. I’m worrying about Wilma. Apparently she is a very dominant girl. Now of course, I can live with that. I’m as submissive as they come as long as I can be near our Mistress. It’s Shadow she’s going to have a problem with. Shadow takes no flak from anyone. Shadow is the pack leader, leaving aside our Mistress and no one and nothing is likely to change that until Shadow had either given up or has a complete personality transplant. We are a little worried that the expression ‘fur will fly’ might be too close for comfort for when Wilma tries to find her place in the pack. Ari will back down. I suspect he’ll be putty in her hands, but there is no way Shadow


will stand for it. Our Mistress has given it some thought and is still taking me to Switzerland to meet her first. That way she hopes that Wilma might stick up for me when I need it, a bit like my girlfriend Bella does. When we get back Shadow and Wilma will be meeting on neutral territory to begin with and our Mistress is hoping that the rod of iron that Shadow rules with will be enough for Wilma to get the picture without too much of a fight on our hands. I’m going to be standing by with the phone and the vet on speed dial just in case!

The pups are doing very well. They have had a sleepy day today. Even when they wake up hungry they are very quiet about it and seem to be very placid undemanding dogs. I really do think they’ve picked up their father’s temperament, for which they may be very grateful, but don’t tell Shadow I said that! Our Mistress says she’d like a small litter every time as it is so much less stressful, but I think part of the reduced stress is down to how lovely these ones are. Also, because they are bigger they have got themselves into a routine much more quickly, which makes it easier for everyone.

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  1. Ahhhhh, there is nothing better than reading your diary, dear Alfie, before going to sleep! I chuckled at the description of Shadow, taking no flak from anybody. Bless her! Soggeli is not only the spitting image of her mum, she also got her temperament, no doubt. Recently we stayed on a farm in Herefordshire. Great place it was, with lots of space for dogs to run freely. The farmers have 5 lovely dogs of their own, Cocker and Springer Spaniels. One of them – Alfie by name and with a very good voice too, ha ha ha – all of a sudden decided to try his luck on Soggeli. Silly him! A nano second later he was lying on his back, Soggeli towering above, snarling at him. Well, that was it then and whenever we turned up with our lovely dog, Alfie cleared off, tail between his legs!

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