Tuesday 20th October 2015 – Still wanting 6 meals

Duchess being weighed

The puppies said that they were not quite ready to go down to five meals, if it was all the same to our Mistress. They have asked if they can stay as they are for another day or two and maybe try again tomorrow. They did then promptly oversleep this morning so they aren’t far off. Our Mistress overslept too, but I think she needed it more than the puppies.

She says they are like little bears at the moment, all cuddly and fluffy with an ambling gait.

Play fighting at breakfast
Play fighting at breakfast

They are all getting more confident on their feet and the photo shows them play fighting after breakfast. More to the point it was after their first course and while waiting for their dessert! What was funny was when our Mistress went to the pen last night and they had moved the cow shed in front of the grass so that it looked as though it had a lawn.

At this morning‘s weigh in, D’Artagnan tipped the scales at 2735g, having added 145g. Della has reached 2500g, having added 110g. Duchess is 2375g, having added 80g and Dixie is 2310g having added 75g. They are all very well and for the first time no one seems to have got an upset tum from being wormed, although I could be speaking too soon!

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