Puppy pawball

Chirpy puppies at 3am
Puppy pawball
Puppy pawball

The puppies have discovered the football or in our case pawball. It’s not much of a game with only two on two, but they’ll get the hang of it. I suggested they could set the cow shed up as the goal, but I don’t think they are quite at that stage yet. Besides which, I don’t think there are enough of them to have one in goal.

Dixie came and asked for a wash ready to look her best for her humans visiting. Our Mistress told her she is so beautiful that she always looks her best.

Today’s video is funny – you can see it HERE our Mistress moved the camera round to catch them playing after their meal. At one point they manage to tip the cow shed over with a puppy inside it. Our Mistress turned it the right way up again and the puppy was none the worse for the exploit. They are

really starting to enjoy themselves and have some fun. After the video when the others had already gone to bed, Della came back to get polar bear to take him to bed with her.

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