Wednesday 21st October 2015 – A big day for Dixie

Dixie having blanket time

Dixie is going to be meeting her humans tonight for the first time. She’s very excited. She’s asked our Mistress to make sure she is nice and clean so that they think the best of her. It’s an important consideration when they seem to spend half their lives covered in food.

They played for longer after breakfast this morning. Our Mistress wished she’d had the camera set up ready to video them. Hopefully they will do the same after their feed this afternoon so she can catch it on film for you. They slept well which may have helped and it was our Mistress who woke them in the night to tell them it was time to eat. Tomorrow she will let them sleep for as long as they need before waking them for food to

A pile of playing puppies
A pile of playing puppies

see if we can move to feeding five times a day. It needs to be a day when she doesn’t have any other things she’s supposed to do and can just be on hand if they decide they are hungry.

The weight gains are smaller today, but everyone has gained. D’Artagnan is pretending he’s an owl (you need to say the numbers consecutively to see what I mean) he is now two eight two O (2820g) having added 85g. Della is 2610g having added 110g. Hers is the biggest gain. Duchess is 2470g having added 95g and little Dixie only added 50g to reach 2360g. Our Mistress says she will make sure that Dixie gets to the food first or maybe has a little bowl of her own.

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