Puppy wrestling

sticking a tongue out for the camera

The puppies are not quite sure about the change in meal times. It’s not that they need more, it’s just that they say they had got used to the times. They woke up at 2.30 this afternoon ready for a quick stretch and play before their afternoon snack, only to remember that they weren’t actually hungry yet. Anyway, they had a quick wrestle and

Dixie and Della using D'Artagnan as a pillow
Dixie and Della using D’Artagnan as a pillow

went back to sleep after gnawing on each other’s legs for good measure. Della and Dixie had soon got things sorted and were happily using their brother as a pillow. Then Duchess came along and they rearranged into a nice tidy pile with D’Artagnan at the bottom.

A pile of puppies - Duchess on top, D'Artagnan at the bottom
A pile of puppies – Duchess on top, D’Artagnan at the bottom

The whole of the cow shed has been through the washing machine and whilst it has come out broadly ok, its roof does have a slightly different design to it than before. The angles are a little changed, but it is basically ok.

Anyway, their tea will be well received and we’ll wait to see how they go after that. Our Mistress has to go for a big dental appointment in the morning, so she is hoping to have a minimally disturbed night as she has to get up early to get everything done for us and the pups before she goes out. We’re being looked after while she’s out, the pups more than us, but there are some things she likes to do herself. I’m just hoping she has all the weights to give me in time for me to tell you in the morning.

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