Puppy Therapy

sleeping puppy
sleeping puppy

There is nothing more therapeutic than the sight of a puppy sleeping, except perhaps the sight of four puppies sleeping. I decided to share it with you, so today’s video is three minutes of a super cute pile of sleeping puppies. They twitch in their sleep from time to time and there is the occasional wriggle to get comfortable, but they are basically happy contented sleeping puppies and it’s very easy to find yourself yawning and wanting to join them.

Our Mistress has moved things round a little in the pen ready to try to toilet train them. They have a preference to peeing on the other side of the pen from where the grass was, so the grass has moved. It also means the cow shed can go right in the corner and we think they might like it there.

It’s amazing to think we are already half way through their time with us. Our Mistress isn’t sure how she will bear to part with them as they are so gorgeous. The only consolation is the thought she will see them at intervals and of course we’ll have Wilma to take our minds off things. All the same, I think we wish that one of them (or all four) could stay!

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