One step forwards and two back

Della with elephant
Della sticking her tongue out at her sister
Della sticking her tongue out at her sister

At lunchtime the puppies sat our Mistress down and said they were really sorry (they are very polite puppies), but they aren’t quite ready for the puppy food. Would she mind if they went back to the baby food mix and if it was possible could they have a little extra milk as Mum wouldn’t stay in with them very long even though she now has plenty of milk.  Our Mistress hadn’t the heart to turn down a request that was put so nicely. She brought out two little bowls of milk and they drank them very greedily. She has said at tea time what she will do is give them a separate bowl of the puppy food, which she has blended more thoroughly, so they can try it, but will give them baby mix as their main course. They are happy puppies again.

You may think I’m making it up about them being very polite puppies, but I’m not. They are the only litter that Mum has had that wake up and sit quietly waiting to be fed rather than screaming the place down demanding food. I think our Mistress is utterly in love.

I just wanted to say well done to me ‘little’ brother Dickens on passing his Bronze award in Good Citizen classes. Well done bro. You need to pass Gold to overtake our Mum, but you’ve already overtaken me! I think Wilma will move on to hers straight after puppy classes.

Anyway, I need to go because our Mistress is about to play the puppy noises cd and I think I’d rather be in the other room.

They are playing on today’s video and you can see it HERE

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