Sunday 25th October 2015 – Moving over to KCT

D'Artagnan on the roof

The clocks changed last night and we are now officially on Kitchen Clock Time in our house as it was the ones in the kitchen that we all agreed were now on the right time. Clearly they missed the fact that the telephone in the kitchen and the weather stations (yes there really are two!) are both still on British Summer Time and clearly in a different time zone than the rest of the kitchen. The theory did go slightly wrong as the one on the cooker that our Mistress was changing she changed in the wrong direction, so for a few hours the two sides of the kitchen were two hours apart. Anyway that immediate problem has been resolved and we are now all officially on KCT. We’ll join the rest of the country on Greenwich Mean Time when our Mistress has been round and changed all the rogue clocks outside the kitchen zone. In some instances that will involve buying new batteries so it could be a while.

We dogs are moving over time in a staged manner. The pups were asked to wait half an hour extra overnight last night and humbly agreed. They will make the other step later on today so that they are in sync. We will just bark for an extra half hour to try to wear our Mistress down and she will try to ignore us for as long as possible.

Demolition sqaud
Demolition sqaud

Our Mistress is trying to introduce puppy food again but more slowly this time. Their next bowl of baby food has one spoon of the puppy food added and the one after that will have two spoons. She will just up the ratio of puppy food every time she makes up a new bowl and when it gets to half and half she will reverse the process and start adding the milky mix to the puppy food in decreasing amounts until there is not enough to bother with. It will be another week or two before they have moved over completely.

After a couple of slow weight addition days the puppies really went for it yesterday. Now

they are a little bigger they have moved away from eating out of the cake tins and onto using bowls. They are managing to eat more and wear less of it. D’Artagnan added a massive 250g and is now 3360g. Della passed the 3kg mark she added 255g and is now 3125g. Duchess added 155g to reach 2820g and Dixie added 140g and is now 2710g. After trying to demolish the cow shed they are now sleeping it off.

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