Happy puppies

Dixie having blanket time
Dixie having blanket time

Dixie simply loves her blankets. She is being spoilt and has two. To be honest when I saw them I was seriously thinking about snuggling into them myself. She was very happy to nestle into them and go to sleep. When our Mistress was cleaning the pen out earlier all the puppies went into the little pen and looked so comfy all snuggled up with one of them using the Christmas tree as a pillow! It is a soft toy Christmas tree not a real pine one with spiky needles.

You can see today’s video HERE – puppies up close!

Whilst I remember, we’re all very worried about Aristotle. It seems he has grown up. Until last Monday we would have said he still regarded himself as the puppy of the family and behaved accordingly. Last Monday he was so well behaved we all commented on it and presumed it was a one off. He’s now been good for seven days straight and we are all very concerned. He may be plotting something privately and will surprise us in a day or two or he may actually have decided to be an adult dog. On the upside he’s being spoilt rotten as a result and has even been nice to me. On the downside we’re waiting for it to end, not daring to believe that just in time for Wilma arriving he might actually have calmed down a little. I don’t think she means it, but our Mistress says that at the moment I’m the worst behaved in the house. Mine’s just jealousy though and will be better once we have a bit of quality time together. I’m never all that good at sharing.

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