Monday 26th October 2015 – A quiet night

Della having blanket time
Waiting to be fed
Waiting to be fed

I don’t think the puppies would have mentioned not being fed  in the night if my Mistress hadn’t woken up at 3.15 and suddenly thought she ought to get up. Even then they were more interested in warm milk than in the puppy food / baby food mix. Thankfully Shadow was feeling a little sleepy so was more compliant and willing to stay with them for a bit longer than usual. Sadly when it came to morning they wanted their breakfast at 6.30 and were not especially happy to wait. They have also discovered ankle biting, or more to the point if they hang on to her trousers with their teeth they can hold our Mistress captive. Of course it’s much easier with four of them than it was with Ari’s litter of 7! Now might just be a good time to teach them to sit quietly when waiting to be fed. We’ll see.

Our Mistress hates the clocks changing. She has difficulty adjusting without all our demands. She hats the dark nights too. She is seriously thinking she should move to the same sort of distance below the equator for the winter months so she can have light all year round. At least with her feeling hungry at the wrong times it makes her more understanding of our complaints.

After very high weight gains the previous day they were more modest in their additions to today. D’Artagnan gained 55g and is now 3415g. Della gained 75g and is now 3200g. Duchess added more she put on 150g and is now 2970g and little Dixie added 65g to reach 2775g. They say they are still now absolutely sure about the puppy food but will get used to it.

One thing that our Mistress says is interesting is that this litter don’t take after their mother for the coat. It probably comes from whichever ancestor had perfect markings, so I guess their dad’s side. Their coats are a little longer than their mums and not so dense. Our Mistress says she just can’t resist stroking them. It’s funny most of the pups until now have had their mum’s coat.

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