Too cute for words

sticking a tongue out for the camera

Our Mistress took the opportunity of D’Artagnan being quite deeply asleep to take a couple of close up photos of him. He looked so sweet snoozing away that she just couldn’t resist. When the pups go to their homes she puts a book together with a photo from each day of their lives so that she has a permanent reminder of the stages of each litter. The way she’s going they will need their own bookcase before they have finished.

They are now four and half weeks old and she has decided it’s time to get them used to changes of temperature.  When they are born they can’t regulate their body temperatures so you have to keep their room nice and warm. In theory their mum provides heat, but Shadow walked out and said ‘Use the central heating’ as she went! Anyway, our Mistress has been wearing short sleeved t shirts for weeks and has had enough. To be fair they are quite ready for it so the heating has been turned off, but will be put back on overnight this evening so it doesn’t get too cold too soon for them. In a few more days when they are ready they won’t have heating at night either.

I think they have all been growing today as it has been very quiet and there has been a lot of sleeping going on. To be fair, the weather has been miserable and when I came back from swimming this morning I did a lot of sleeping too. It has been one of those English winter days (I know it’s autumn) that never quite gets light. I’m sure it’s much nicer growing up in our homeland of Switzerland and having more sunshine all year round.

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