Tuesday 27th October 2015 – Trying to wean puppies

Della and Aristotle

Shadow clearly thinks it is time to wean the puppies and is ever more reluctant to spend more than 30 seconds feeding them. It’s as much as our Mistress can do to get her to do more than go in and check they’ve washed behind their ears. Having said that, from weighing them this morning she is probably right. Our Mistress took pity on them at bedtime and gave them a top up of milk to help them sleep, but I think from their weights she may be spoiling them. They don’t seem that keen on the puppy food, but I suspect it’s more that they don’t need so much of it as they did of the milky mix, so the same number of tablespoons means there is some left over. Anyway they are up to 5 tablespoons of puppy food in the mix and counting.

Duchess being weighed
Duchess being weighed

Dixie now weighs more than any of our previous puppies even though she is the smallest. Dixie is 2915g up by 130g. Duchess passed the 3kg mark and is now 3060g having increased by 90g. Della added 200g to reach 3400g and D’Artagnan added 185g and is now 3600g.

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